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The Africatown Community Development Corporation (ACDC) was incorporated in 2013 as a domestic, non-profit, 501c3 corporation to preserve and protect Mobile's African-American Heritage. The ACDC's efforts have been largely focused on reducing blight and beautifying the historic neighborhood, encouraging former residents to return home to live, and increasing the rolls and quality of education at the historic Mobile County Training School, the second oldest school in Alabama and the training grounds for many professional athletes. In January 2016 the City of Mobile released Africatown Neighborhood Plan, a model for improving the historical community. ACDC was engaged in the development of this plan and also in coordinating its efforts with neighboring businesses and industries along its border. 

Our Board of Directors


Africatown Business and Community Panel

In 2016, the ACDC developed the non-profit 501c3 Africatown Business & Community Panel (ABCP) in collaboration with local businesses and industries operating or headquartered in the vicinity of the Community.  The Panel consists of a diverse Board of Directors representing the Community and local businesses, meets quarterly with its members to discuss topics of mutual interest, develops a quarterly newsletter, and engages regularly in support of the Community’s priorities.  Its business members are listed below

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