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Our Vision

The quality of life in Africatown is restored through a close-knit Community of connected neighborhoods, attractions, parks, and small businesses that preserve and celebrate its culture, are safe, affordable, charming, and co-exist peacefully with its surroundings.  The Community is a destination for residents of all ages, students, and tourists who sustain it.


Our Mission

  • to preserve and celebrate the history and culture of Africatown and the resilience of its residents

  • to restore and expand the beauty, livability and sustainability of its neighborhoods

  • to improve the rolls and quality of education at the Mobile County Training School

Community Calendar

We work hard to create spaces for those who want to walk alongside us on this journey to revive Africatown. A well-informed community is an empowered one, so take a look at some of our upcoming events to see how you can help us invoke real change.

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